“We love to travel with our kids. See new places. Meet new doctors. It’s a blast.”



I write wherever I go, and wherever I go, my family goes with me. This makes for interesting stories on travelling with kids, but it also keeps me close to the people I love most.

Getting jiggy in Namibia

A book trip to another country is still a business trip. A lot goes into the planning, especially the costs involved. That's why it makes sense to fit in as much as possible while you are there. This might mean shifting around some family time to fit in an interview...

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And a crime author goes to Namibia

There is a common misconception when it comes to authors. People think the strangest things about them. Some believe it to be the most idyllic profession, involving trips around the world, exciting research missions, sold out book signings, celebrity treatment, and...

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The leap from giving to Namibia

An old saying claims that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I wish I could expand more on the validity of this ancient phrase, or speculate more about its origin. What woes must have befallen the poor sap who had coined the phrase? Regardless from...

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Finally the part of the journey that makes the skin tingle and the mouth salivate. Well, I guess its true if you are a wine buff or an alcoholic. Either way, let's look at the wines. Wine is a diverse indulgence. I do not object to viewing it as a living breathing...

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  When we travel somewhere I prefer to set out before sunrise. Best to hit the tar before trucks crawl out of hiding and snail along your intended route. My wife first concluded her exhausting packing regime, then it was my turn. I'm a plotter so most of the...

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Fiction authors, a naughty bunch by nature, swim through never-ending dreamscapes to mould their tales, feeding off of their imaginations and accentuating the senses. Because of this it requires mental restraint when reviewing wines or wine estates, restaurants or...

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