About Me

Silly daddy, author, entrepreneur, producer, autodidact, coffee snob, wine buff.
Those words somehow make up the total sum of me. If they resonate with you, too, then you might like what I have to say. 


I’m a crime novelist, wine columnist, screenwriter, and creative writing coach, with a master’s degree in Creative Writing.


I’m a TV producer, screenwriter and showrunner. My latest project is Crossing Borders

Freelance Copywriter

I’m a creative copywriter that puts the reader first. I take the message that a business wants to convey, research how their target audience wants to receive it, then bridge the gap between the two with words.


Like most artists I have an appreciation for good food, wine and coffee. I also love to travel, enjoy learning about different cultures and languages, and do random, stupid stuff. But, more than anything, I love my family. Follow this part of me on Facebook and Instagram 

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