When a criminal mastermind called Joe Taxi kills his brother, Dave Matters is forced to revisit the gritty Cape Town drug scene. However, he is no longer the ruthless Dave who ran drugs for the Wallace brothers. After a botched drug deal Dave wrestles with bouts of memory-loss and an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Now, to avenge his brother and uncover a mystery, he must abandon the safety of his mundane life. As the anticipation of a mass city riot mounts, Dave inches closer to a climactic confrontation with an old nemesis, as well as the pains from his past.

"A dark, delicious tale..."
"A gritty South African crime thriller."

On the verge of selling his property company, David Harlem meets Kerin, a struggling lounge singer and single parent. However, David is about to discover that someone will stop at nothing to hinder the sale, even if it means killing him or those close to him. Before long, he is pitted against the corporate world, where crime, mystery and intrigue hide in plain sight. With Kerin’s life in danger, David must unmask The Antagonist before it is too late.

"From high finance to high suspense, this book has it all."
"Contemporary South Africa from a business side. A topical piece with excellent character development."


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Double Delight

The one thing that exhausts logic, defies reasoning and conquers indifference, is a young and inquisitive mind. That look of enjoyment when I read bedtime stories to my kids, makes me want to keep telling stories.

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